Hearing Happy Mother’s Day…

Starting 12am, on almost every Mother’s Day…begins the IM, emails, texts, facebooks posts, etc. of “Happy Mother’s Day”. These intended warm reminders of appreciations of motherhood are coming from children, fathers, spouses, friends, parents, strangers, radio hosts, restaurant hosts, other mothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, etc. In addition, the appreciations are going out to women, mothers to be, etc.

Many people think that Mother’s Day is a happy day for ALL mothers, but that may not be the case. It’s definitely not the case for children (especially small children) who have lost their mothers at such a tender age. Actually, most people don’t think about it, unless they are the unfortunate ones that feel an unbearable amount of pain due to such significant loss on this day.

Years ago my mothers days were filled with hand made items, kids running through the house and telling me how much they loved me. As they grew older, it became even more beautiful when the kids came together remembering good ole days from the past. Sometimes still making me things, buying me keepsakes, and I still have so many of them.

Then after you have a child to die, how does it sound to hear, Happy Mother’s Day?

When your going through a child custody battle and not able to see you child on Mother’s Day, how does it feel to hear it?

Thank God for one child who is able to call or text and tell you happy Mother’s Day (if you are so fortunate enough to have more than one). But you still miss the child that you can’t see. Your heart still breaks because of the child you will never see again due to leaving this earth too early for you to cope. A child should NEVER die before a parent, especially a mother. There is no way a mother should give life and hear the first heart beat and then also hear the silence when the last beat stops. Through this type of broken heart and missing pieces, it is ONLY God can hold and piece together things for you to give you strength.

Maybe peace can be found by finding a mother that’s missing a child; or a child that’s missing a mother and make a difference in heir Mother’s Day. You probably could never make it happy, but maybe it could be made a little better.

Onna Jackson

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