21 Year Old Black Male

Now look at this, on the news,

Most people think, he’s just another black dude.

He tried to ride a motorcycle, and it was his first ride,

He lost control and into a brick house he did collide.

It was his friend’s bike, and there was a helmet,

But on the ground it lay, because it just wouldn’t fit.

It’s weird because, earlier that day,

I was explaining to him, that at some point mom (I) would be going away.

I was trying to prepare him, for when my time came,

But he went first, Oh my Lord, this is completely insane.

It was the hubbya’s birthday, and I took him out,

I had a feeling I needed to call home, and could not believe this would be what it was about.

My daughtr told me, he way laying on the ground,

She was hysterical, and that time I could barely make a sound,

No help was there yet, I got off the phone,

I called the paramedics for my baby, on my own.

Dispatch told me, they had just arrived,

I was hoping and praying my baby would survive.

They took him by life flight, and should have made it before us,

They arrived 20 minutes later, and I was in disgust.

For several hours, they didn’t let me see him,

Then the doctor came and said their was nothing else they could do for him,

He tried to take all my hope away, and I felt robbed,

I looked him straight in the eye, and told him, “YOU ARE NOT GOD”.

When I did see him, his head look swollen, and he wasn’t alert,

I asked God, take this from him, and give me this hurt.

We prayed for him, then I prayed and felt like I knew,

When I said Amen, he began to brady down too.

I looked around, no one was going to come,

I yelled, please someone, come and help my son,

A few cane over, and got him stable,

I asked for another doctor to help me, if he was able.

He told me he would, started Manitol, and other meds, IV drip,

I was grateful to him, and I still felt guilt.

A mother is never suppose to bury her son,

When this happens, it appears the devil has won.

Finally they help me, put him in ICU, and gave him a room,

They ran more tests, and still gave me words of doom.

For 2 days, I fought for my baby boy life,

Then on that Sunday, I felt like my heart had encountered a knife.

I heard his heartbeat, when he was in my womb,

Then I heard it stop, in that hospital ICU room.

Nothing can prepare a mother, I sat there holding his hand with a sob,

The only way, I got through this, is with the strength and help of God.

Again, we didn’t help him much, this young black kid,

We can use his organs, now that he’s dead,

I always told him, with organs, “Say no”,

“They would give you organs away, and call you John Do”,

But in this case, they actually labeled him ROMEO.

I told the doctors, he was no ordinary black kid,

He was exceptional and made an impact, in everything that he did.

I wish now, that he had a kid.

He got his plans, read his books, and put in his all,

He had many friends, all ages, all races, short, and tall.

He stated that he wanted to help make others dreams come true,

He attended school, worked for Ambit, and was a security guard too.

He was very serious about his goals, and wanted to make an impact,

He was reading tons of books, remembering quotes, and had a goal board as a matter of


My baby boy was loved and had friends galore,

He had a good one, and he also became his mentor’s mentor.

God I wish I could see his smiling face,

But I know he is with God, in a much better place.

Without my baby boy, sometimes I feel so alone,

Often I cry for him, wishing he was home.

Again I know, he is with THE GREATER ONE above,

And if anything is forever, I know it’s my real love.

21 Year Old Black Male

By: Onna Jackson









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