Mother Knows Best

As time goes by, the world, environment, laws, morals, technology, styles and changes.   There is ONLY one who stays the same…GOD…He is the same today, yesterday, and he will be the same tomorrow.

As time goes by, we change.  Hopefully it’s for the best.  We make good choices, bad choices, and we also make mistakes.  One thing has always been true, mothers knows best.  (We won’t be blind and pretend like all mothers are fit; lets be honest, some are not).  A loving mother will always know what is best for her child, and if she doesn’t there is an elder that could give her advice, and if no elder, the best advice of all, is to use God’s word that has every answer.  God’s word WILL NOT return void.

At this time, I am wondering how can a ruling be made about a family within less than an hour, and the just does not know them, the facts have not been investigated, and how can that ruling be made in less than an hour? I guess that is the fate that good mothers are in, when they have chosen to cohabitant with the wrong person, marry the wrong person, etc.

The justice system appears to be a big failure for many over and over again.  For a very long time it has appeared like the innocent are penalized or harmed, while the guilty are allowed to go free.  When you tell an officer of the court that statement, they say: “Well there are some loop holes in the justice system”.  I often wonder, if you know that, why haven’t you started to do something about it already?

The way my family grew up was a lot different.  Growing up in the country with many elders, faithful to God, and they are physical examples of what we hope to become by that age. They have nothing but sound advice, and just having a family like that will teach you a lot about life, love, respect, marriage, but most importantly GOD. Sometimes when the kids question a mother or grandmother the response would be: “Mother knows best”.  They were right.  When you have a child, you love them, protect them, care for them, teach them, lead them in the right direction. No one could ever know what is right for my child better than me; since no one could love them more. of course I am speaking from a standpoint of several places like…I do not abuse my child, I provide for my child, I show my child I love her, whatever she needs psychically, psychologically, and emotionally.  I know what kind of mother I am, our family and friends know what kind of mother I am, and God knows.

If you find yourself in a position where someone else knows better than you about your child, the first thing to do is to get down on your knees, and allow God to order your steps.  Keep in mind, one of those steps may be an attorney, an aggressive one. And remember…It aint over, until God says its over.  It aint over, until God says its done.


Carly James


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