Child’s Best Interest

Can the child’s best interest be defined legally? Has it been in any state? Why hasn’t it been in Texas?

If there is no definable definition of child’s best interest, there is no way a judge can FAIRLY make a ruling on what is best for someone else’s child.

Making a decision about someone’s life (whom you don’t know), is impossible. When one parent has clearly taken care of this child, then the child is removed from the home and sent to the father’s home just because the daughter doesn’t want to follow the rules.  When did children start ruling in court?

In addition, I thought physical evidence was worth a whole lot more than “his/her word against mine”. In several cases I’ve heard about and reviewed, it seems that one parent is trying to make the other look bad. It’s usually the attorney that keeps the parents on the right course. However, I’ve seen where the judge ignored all of the physical evidence, and listened to the child. When did our teenage child get smart enough to make the right decisions about who they should live with? When do our children tell the truth and nothing but the truth, when it’s about getting something they want.

Children lives are being changed drastically due to the lack of defined and detailed laws to hold judges accountable for using some scale of what the best interest of the child is.

Personally, a good mother or father that has raised their kid or kids from birth and made every sacrifice for their child or children their whole lives is the ONLY person that can decide what is in the best interest of the child.

I have seen a father lie and accuse the mother of abuse of the child, and then in court admit that the child was not being abused. He was in contempt of court, kept the daughter out of school for over a month (he didn’t have the right to enroll her and he didn’t take her to school). After him admitting that the child was not being abused, the Judge still gave him temporary custody. The mother moved to a new home so the child could live in a good neighborhood and go to a better school and have better opportunities. The child was getting tuturing in the Home. Now she lives in a very bad area and goes to a much lower rated school.

When you sit and listen to the case it’s obvious who has been taking care of the child, whether the other parent was there or not. So why take a chance because children don’t know what is best for them. If they did they wouldn’t need to be patented.  In addition, I am speaking of parent who can document caring for the children.

Eliminate the biases with structure. Define what “In the child’s best interest is”. Hold parents in contempt who speak out against the other parent and do not support the relationship (in a reasonable manner).

How do we get this rolling? Start a petition, get signatures, contact your local and state representatives. You can start here. Like this post.

Carly James


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